Tuesday 3 May 2016

Off Campus Recruitment Drive | Codilar

Name: Codilar Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Tentative Interview Date*: Will be communicated post registration window is closed
Last date to Register:  4th May 2016
Date of Joining: Immediate
Salary Package: INR1.8 -3 LPA
Job location: Bangalore
Desired experience: Fresher
Course Specialization: B.Tech/BE (CS/IT)
Batch: 2016 Pass outs
Probation/Training Period: Three Months (Package 8k for 3 months)
Job Profile: Jr. Software Engineer
Job Responsibility:
  • Understanding client requirements & functional specifications
  • Developing and maintaining dynamic websites and web applications
  • Coordinating with co-developers and other related departments
  • Sending regular updates about project status
  • Ability to think laterally and contribute to problem solving

Job Requirements:
  • Must be proficient in PHP, MySQL, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, AJAX, XML
  • Should have excellent written communication skills (English)
  • Must have capacity to work independently and also as a part of team
  • Must have dedication and commitment towards work.
  • Sufficient skills and experience to design and develop server-side and client-side code,primarily PHP, for a range of platforms

Interview Process:
  1. Online Objective 30 mins, (completely technical)
  2. Pen and paper test (completely technical)
  3. Technical HR then Offer Letter

Registration Link:

Note : Registration is mandatory to participate
Please Find the Eligibility List below:

S.No. RollNo Name Branch
1 12R11A1264 Arigala  Pallavi IT
2 12R11A1206 Vikky  Ambarkar IT
3 12r11a1251 Purnima  Soudarpatti Venkatsubbu IT
4 12R11A1223 Vinay Kumar Jella IT
5 12R11A12A2 Rahul Kishore Prasad IT
6 12r11a1233 Bhargav Kotha . IT
7 12R11A1209 Battu  Madhuri IT
8 12r11a05b5 Nikhil  Tatikonda CSE
9 12R11A05G2 Sana  Kousar CSE
10 126t1a0507 Enthala Madhuri Reddy CSE
11 12R11A0522 Narender Reddy  Gayam CSE
12 12R11A0569 Bhavya  Rao CSE
13 12R11A0545 Anjana  Pratapa CSE
14 12R11A0530 Aaron Nikhil Kolanti CSE
15 12R11A05E5 Kavya Reddy Vemula CSE
16 12R11A05G1 Sai Charan Reddy Pasham CSE
17 Srishti  Gupta CSE
18 12R11A0553 Shruti  Singh CSE
19 12R11A05E2 Vijay Kanth Kali CSE
20 12R11A0564 Sriram Reddy Annem CSE
21 12R11A05F9 Gowthami  Sahadeva CSE
22 12R11A05A6 Sharanya  Rachakatla CSE
23 12R11A0529 Ketki Sunil Rayter CSE
24 12R11A05G6 Sumedha  Tanikella CSE
25 12R11A05D0 Mani Kanta Chatrathi CSE
26 12R11A0585 Varun  K.v.v.s.r CSE
27 12R11A05E0 Harika  Reddy CSE
28 12R11A0528 Mounika  . CSE
29 12r11a0532 Kotha Sairam  Reddy CSE
30 12R11A0587 Sai Kumar  Vadapally CSE
31 12R11A0592 Sarvani Malladi . CSE
32 12R11A05D7 Ajay Kumar Goud CSE
33 12R11A05H4 Naga Lakshmi Yerva CSE
34 12r11a0536 Sai Dixit Mekala CSE
35 12R11A0558 Akhila  Joseph CSE
36 12r11a0554 Shyam Sunder V CSE
37 12R11A0542 Sathvik  Nasani CSE
38 12R11A05H1 Madhavi  Y CSE
39 12R11A05G4 Dileep Kumar Sreepathi CSE
40 12R11A0506 Hariharan  . CSE
41 Priya  K CSE
42 12R11A0538 M.srilatha  . CSE
43 12R11A0508 Prasanthi Rani Bhogaraju CSE
44 12R11A05A1 Sai Sindhuja  Peddi CSE
45 12R11A0561 Aishwarya Reddy Anugu CSE
46 12r11a0524 Raju  Gunti CSE
47 12R11A05D3 Darsi  Venkatesh CSE
48 12R11A05F7 Sudeepthi  Srinivasan CSE
49 12R11A05C2 Madhuri Reddy Anantha CSE
50 12R11A05E8 Deepak Prasad Maddali CSE
51 12r11a05b3 Venkatesham  Siliguri CSE
52 12r11a0568 Mounica Bathini . CSE
53 12R11A0581 Tarun  Gandla CSE
54 12R11A05H3 Yakkala Naga Venkata  Vikas CSE
55 12R11A05E9 Bharath Venkata Subramanya Madduri CSE
56 12R11A05C7 Sneha Srikanth Bhandarkar CSE
57 12R11A05C6 Sandhya Rani Bhongiri CSE
58 12r11a05g5 Sreepuram Venkat Reddy CSE
59 12R11A05D4 Dinesh Reddy Enthala CSE
60 12R11A0525 Sharath Kumar Joshi CSE
61 12r11a05d9 Harshita  Jamalapurapu CSE
62 12r11a0566 Shisilya B . CSE
63 12r11a0533 M.ch. Santosh Sravan CSE
64 12R11A0527 Kandadi  Revathi CSE
65 12R11A05C8 Chanukya  .. CSE
66 12r11a0519 Shiva Reddy Garlapati CSE
67 12r11a05a8 Sahithi  Bomma CSE
68 12R11A0547 Paspulate Jai Prakash Tarun Teja CSE
69 12R11A05G0 Sai Charan Mupparam CSE
70 12R11A05A4 Sainath  Kambhampati CSE
71 12R11A05F5 Ravali Rao . CSE
72 12R11A05D5 Sai Charan Reddy Emmadi CSE
73 12r11a0586 Sampath Kumar Katikela CSE
74 12R11A0502 Aditya  Logishetty CSE
75 11r11a0520 Gaurav Kumar Diwakar CSE
76 12R11A0526 Geetha  Kuthuru CSE
77 12r11a0541 N.ravali  . CSE
78 12R11A05E4 Karan Singh . CSE
79 12R11A05E3 Alekhya  Kalluri CSE
80 12R11A0540 Nalli Prashant . CSE
81 12r11a05b7 Rohit  Songa CSE
82 12R11A0550 Srinija Reddy Repaka CSE
83 12R11A05B8 Vattikota Venkat Jayasurya CSE
84 12R11A0594 Praveen Kumar  Mangolu CSE
85 12r11a0515 Anusha  Dhasari CSE
86 12R11A0531 Sai Raj Konda CSE
87 12r11a0517 Sai Kiran . CSE
88 12r11a05c5 Sandhya  Bathula CSE

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