Thursday 4 February 2016

Postponement and Rescheduling of II & IV years of Pharm –D, I year of Pharm-D (PB) Examinations

It is here by informed that the Pharm-D/Pharm-D (PB) examinations to be held on 05/02/2016 are postponed and rescheduled as mentioned below,
Course and Year
Actual Scheduled Date of Exam
Re-Scheduled Date of  Exam
Pharm-D (PB)-I year  Supply
05/02/2016   (AN)
23/02/2016 (AN)
Pharm-D-II  year Supply
05/02/2016   (FN)
23/02/2016 (FN)
Pharm-D-IV year Supply
05/02/2016   (AN)
23/02/2016 (AN)

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