Wednesday 13 January 2016

Joining Formalities to Submit in Medico Inc.

Congratulation on being selected for training and employment with Medico Healthcare Services and Technologies.  As communicated previously during our interactions, we need you to execute an MOU with the company to complete the recruitment process.

Please find attached MOU copy for your reference. We request you to review MOU copy with your parents and legal counsel if required.   If you are accepting to the terms and conditions mentioned in the MOU and willing to join Medico, please send written confirmation of acceptance through mail by 16th Jan 2016.  We will not accept any conformation after 16th Jan 2016 and your offer of employment will be subject to availability of open positions with Medico and Medico reserves the right to recall your offer.

Please feel free to reach Harini or Vasudha on 040-23231001 should you need any additional information or clarifications. 

If you accept the Offer, please carry following Documents on Monday 18th January 2016 to complete your joining formalities.
  1. All Educational Certificates 
  2. Pan Card (2 Xerox copies)
  3. Aadhar card(2 Xerox copies)
  4. Voter ID (2 Xerox copies)
  5. 4 Photos
  6. Cheque from Guarantor.
for MoU Copy Contact T.Abhilash - Assistant Placement Officer

List of Medico Selected Students:

S.No. Roll No. Name  Branch 
1 12Z51R0023 Snigdha Rao B.Pham
2 12Z51R0020 Eeswari Naveena B.Pham
3 12Z51R0001 Nithin Kumar B.Pham
4 12Z51R0058 Venkat Likitha Koppuravuri B.Pham
5 12Z51R0003 Arshiya Jabeen B.Pham
6 12Z51R0004 Ashvini Kharat B.Pham
7 12Z51R0011 Dhanpal Ravali B.Pham
8 12Z51R0047 Shivani K B.Pham
9 12Z51R0017 Niketha Goud Guduru B.Pham
10 12Z51R0008 Sravya Challa B.Pham
11 12Z51R0054  SAI SUJATHA B.Pham
12 12Z51R0045 SNIGDHA RANI B.Pham
13 12Z51R0044 P.V.G.KARTHIK B.Pham
14 12Z51R0031 K.SHRAVYA B.Pham
16 12Z51R0010 DAVINDER KAUR B.Pham

A.I.Prashanth - Head Placements - 9849961322
Arther Paul - Sr. Placement Officer - 8019810120
T.Abhilash - Assistant Placement Officer - 9491312121

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