Saturday 2 January 2016

Intramurals Sports & Games for the Annual Day - 2016.

This is to inform to all the students of B.Tech, M.Tech. & MBA that our Annual Day sports starts from 18.01.2016 (Monday) to 22-02-2016 (Monday) in our college premises. Entries will not be entertained after the last date.

For any queries contact
Mr. M.Venkateswarlu, Physical Director, P.No.: 9010236029

NOTE: The last date for entries will close on 16.01.2016 (Saturday) for all sports and games. From each Class (or) Branch only ONE TEAM has to participate in any Game event and TWO students from each class (or) Branch for Athletic events.

Time schedule for Annual day SPORTS & GAMES 2015-16:
S.No. Events Date Time
1 CRICKET(Boys) Jan-18th to Feb-22nd On working days 4.00pm to 6.30pm. On Holiday/Sunday 9.30am to 5.00pm.
2 VOLLEY BALL(Boys) Jan-24th
3 FOOT BALL & BASKET BALL (Boys) Jan-26th
4 THROW BALL(Girls), KHO-KHO(Boys/Girls) Jan-31st
5 CHESS & CARROMS (Boys/Girls) Feb-7th
6 TABLE TENNIS(Boys/Girls), Singles/Doubles Feb-13th
7 KABADDI(Boys) Feb-14th
1 100 mts. (Boys & Girls) Feb-21st
2 Javelin Throw (Boys & Girls)
3 Shotput Throw (Boys & Girls)
4 Disc Throw (Boys & Girls)

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