Sunday 27 December 2015

Padam - When World Cultures Unite !!

Art is an intense and an extraordinary form of expression. There are various forms of art and dance is one such passionate way of expressing our earnest emotions.
About the work :
"Padam" historically is an integral part of classical music (Carnatic) and a section of  “Bharatanatyam” recital concert in which the performer showcases her emotions and her imaginations in the form of this implicit art. It is usually a monolog and describes the relationship between the heroin (Nayaki) and hero (Naayaka). Padam belongs to a special genre of South Indian classical music.  It is an intricately crafted, lyrical song which has reached its peak during Madhura Bhakthi period in India.  Replete with emotion, it lends immense scope to expression of variegated sentiments and shades of emotion. A poet-composer, Kshetrayya, whose name has come to be synonymous with Padams, perfected this specific genre, which places equal weight on lyrics and the complex musical aspect.

“Padam”, a Dance Drama Produced, Directed and Choreographed by Shreenath Muthyala demonstrates this beautiful piece of art in the most graceful and elegant manner. Eriko Sugimura, the dancer of this dance drama beautifully portraits the anguish of the lover.
The music is composed and produced by Ram Sampath who has given a kshetrayya padam a beautiful direction through instrumentation of world fusion The song was sung by Padma Shri Aruna Sairam who was exceptional and outstanding. Kshetrayya, a prolific Telugu poet from 17th century is a composer of Carnatic music. He originally wrote this padam and composed this. Shreenath Muthyala believes strongly in the universality and the power of emotion in driving a story forward and into the hearts of the audience, informed or otherwise.  Being a strong cross cultural art enthusiast, He set out to experiment with the emotional elements from movement bank / dance genres of Europe in early 17th century and searched for a parallel in an equally emotional and a complex courtesan cultural element of South India. The dance culture in India encompasses everything from physical to spiritual and ensures a seamless connection with drama and theater.  The courtesans or the temple dancers were the keepers of such culture until the very recent past.

Drawing inspiration from his native music, he attempted to create a powerful drama resonating the sensibilities of a courtesan that extends beyond a simple reduction to a particular style, period or place in the universe.
Besides Dance and music, the cinematography of the work has been exceptional.
Overall the dance drama – Padam is intense and depicts beautifully the experience that all of us once go through at some point of time in our lives. It also proves that art unites different cultures from different parts of the globe to work together in unity.
Besides the dance, the set looks beautiful with small lamps lit on the ground around the room and a sculpture illuminated from behind at the corner of the room. This adds to the beauty of the set and the emotion of the play. The costume seems to be a mix of traditional attires with various ornaments with a beautifully designed black dress with a golden shade.
The hero of the drama , the performer imagines is a sculpture made by Aima Saint Hunon a renowned French sculpture artist . The sculpture is beautifully designed with the artistic strokes of the Indian culture with historical references from french culture .

About the Director
Shreenath Muthyala is an alumnus of Geethanjali College of Engineering and Technology. He has started a Dance club in the college by the name Scintillatorzz in the year 2009 and went on to bag consecutive national level titles several times along with his talented team representing Geethanjali. He was appreciated and praised for his contributions towards arts and humanities in college and since then, the arts club in Geethanjali College started growing with better and bigger passion and creativeness. Known for his intense storytelling and lavish sets, he won the hearts of many students and faculty back then and has further went on to gain national and international acclaim .
Upon graduation, his passions lead him to work with world renowned artists in India, Japan and other different countries. Later he moved to New York to present his international debut that he has directed and choreographed titled “Padam “. Shreenath Muthyala currently is a critically acclaimed Emerging Choreographer/Director in the world. He is the Artistic Director and Founder of Contemporary Vedas- the Dance Project.
He is also the Director and Producer of Upcoming Web Series titled “The Great Dance Diaries “which featured world’s leading artists and choreographers from all around the world. He leads a community outreach program for the underprivileged dancers and artists under the program name “SCOUTS” across many cities in India.

Padam  - When World Cultures Unite !! 

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