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On Campus Drive | Osmosys

Name: Osmosys Software Solutions Pvt Ltd
Date: 2nd Jan, 2016
Time: 10:00 Am
Venue: New Seminar Hall,Gcet
Job Description: Associate Software Engineer
Salary Package:  Rs 3.00 Lac Per Annum
Bond: Service Bond – Selected Candidates Should Sign An Agreement Of 26 Months
Eligibility Criteria:
  • You Must Have At Least 60% Aggregate Until Your Recent Exam.
  • You Must Have Cleared All Subjects In 1 St & 2 Nd Year.
  • You Shall Not Have More Than 1 Backlog In 3 Rd Year.
  • You Shall Carry Your College Identity Card To Write The Exam Along With A Printed Hall Ticket. The Hall Ticket Will Be Provided To You After Online Registration. The Details Of The Registration Will Be Provided Before The Exam.
  • 2016 Passouts - Cse, IT,Ece Only.
  • 60% With Aggregate Only 1 Backlog Is Allowed.

Registration Link: Click Here
Last Date for Registration 31st Dec 2015 9:00 AM
if you are unable to register please send your S.No., Roll No., Name & Branch(from the below list) to

Documents For Interview:
  • Hall Ticket Print Out which has been sent to your Mail
  • 4 Set Updated Resumes
  • 6 Photos Passport Size
  • Academic Certificates Xerox Copies 2 Sets
  • College Id Card 2 Set Of Xerox  2 Sets 

Selection Process:
  • Round 1 - Online Exam, Duration: 30 Minutes, Elimination Round  Basic Mathematics, Basic English,IT Basics, Aptitude
  • Round 2 - Online Exam, Duration: 60 Minutes, Elimination Round  Advanced Mathematics, Advanced English ,Technical Exam, C Language / Php / .Net / Java  Basics
  • Round 3 – Group Discussion, Written English (On Paper) Round 4 - Flowchart , Technical & Hr Interview.

Technologies You Will Be Working : 
Technology Areas: C#, Ms-Sql, My-Sql, Asp.Net, Java, Php, Jquery, Javascript, Crm, Silverlight, Ajax, Ms-Crm, Microsoft Dynamics Suite Of Applications, Microsoft Sharepoint, Azure, Quickbooks, Freshbooks, Android And Ios Development.

  • All The Students Have To Come In Formal Dress Code Is A Must.
  • Please Prepare Well And Register Online For Participation.
  • Students Who Are Placed In Tech Mahindra, Ntt Data, Data64,Mindtree,Cdk Global,Zenopsys, Dark Horse, Apps Associates,    Are Not Allowed For Participating.
  • Please Find The Eligibility  List Of Participating Students
  • If Name Not Found And Eligible Please Contact Placement Head Of The College Immediately.

 Eligibility List:
S.No. Roll No Name Branch
1 125Z1A0408      Nagireddy Mounika                  ECE 
2 12R11A0401      A Bala Krishna                     ECE 
3 12R11A0402      A J V Sudheshna                    ECE 
4 12R11A0404      Aleti Vijay Kumar                  ECE 
5 12R11A0405      Amberpeta Sowjanya                 ECE 
6 12R11A0406      Arshid Sheetal                     ECE 
7 12R11A0408      Bandari Mounika                    ECE 
8 12R11A0409      Battinigari Leeladhara             ECE 
9 12R11A0410      Bommineni Vamshidhar Reddy         ECE 
10 12R11A0411      Borampeta Nishanth Reddy           ECE 
11 12R11A0412      Chillijuvuru Satyanaranayana Raju  ECE 
12 12R11A0413      Chityala Sairoopa                  ECE 
13 12R11A0414      Sai Praneeth D                     ECE 
14 12R11A0415      Dheeravath Raju                    ECE 
15 12R11A0416      Divya Deendayal                    ECE 
16 12R11A0417      Dodda Sravanth Kumar Reddy         ECE 
17 12R11A0418      G Mounika                          ECE 
18 12R11A0419      G Ravikanth Sagar                  ECE 
19 12R11A0422      Girimalla Nikitha                  ECE 
20 12R11A0424      Gollapudi Suryanarayana Karthik    ECE 
21 12R11A0425      Gorasa Srisha                      ECE 
22 12R11A0426      Gorentla Tejaswini                 ECE 
23 12R11A0427      Gude Shivanadam                    ECE 
24 12R11A0428      Gujjala Srinath                    ECE 
25 12R11A0429      Gurram Rahul Kumar                 ECE 
26 12R11A0430      Guttameeda Soubhagya               ECE 
27 12R11A0431      Ippala Teja Sri                    ECE 
28 12R11A0432      J Divya                            ECE 
29 12R11A0433      K Gnana Saraswathi                 ECE 
30 12R11A0435      Kalli Rama Chandra Teja            ECE 
31 12R11A0436      Kannoju Charankumar                ECE 
32 12R11A0437      Kanumuri Dinesh Varma              ECE 
33 12R11A0438      Karan Pandre                       ECE 
34 12R11A0439      Karnakanti Bhasker                 ECE 
35 12R11A0440      Karnati Devi Vara Prasad           ECE 
36 12R11A0441      Kasturi Rohini                     ECE 
37 12R11A0442      Katapally Rama Krishna Reddy       ECE 
38 12R11A0443      Katikela Sai Kumar                 ECE 
39 12R11A0444      Keerthana T                        ECE 
40 12R11A0445      Khode Vivekanand                   ECE 
41 12R11A0447      Kura Vivek                         ECE 
42 12R11A0448      Mahendra Harsha Vardhan            ECE 
43 12R11A0449      M Sowmya                           ECE 
44 12R11A0450      M Manoj Joshi                      ECE 
45 12R11A0452      Madhagani Keerthi                  ECE 
46 12R11A0453      Madireddy Sirisha                  ECE 
47 12R11A0454      Ragula Rani                        ECE 
48 12R11A0457      Shivam                             ECE 
49 12R11A0459      S  Alekhya                         ECE 
50 13R15A0401      Gowravajhala Meghashyama Sarma     ECE 
51 13R15A0403      Sanala Mounika                     ECE 
52 10R11A04B6      Sunchula Naresh                    ECE 
53 12R11A0466      Gujja Priyanka                     ECE 
54 12R11A0467      Inampudi Hrushidhar                ECE 
55 12R11A0468      Kokkonda Neethu                    ECE 
56 12R11A0469      Kondasing Manasa                   ECE 
57 12R11A0470      Korada Latha Sree Ramya            ECE 
58 12R11A0471      Kotha Saikumar Reddy               ECE 
59 12R11A0474      Mahitha S                          ECE 
60 12R11A0476      Meda Shanthi Kiran                 ECE 
61 12R11A0477      Mohammed Abdulla                   ECE 
62 12R11A0480      Nalluri Digvijay                   ECE 
63 12R11A0482      P Harshitha                        ECE 
64 12R11A0483      P K S Prashanthi                   ECE 
65 12R11A0485      P Rajya Shree                      ECE 
66 12R11A0486      Pabbinidi Naresh                   ECE 
67 12R11A0488      Peddaveni Prashanth                ECE 
68 12R11A0490      Pochampalli Deepthi                ECE 
69 12R11A0491      Pochampally Likitha                ECE 
70 12R11A0492      Polepaka Sushma                    ECE 
71 12R11A0493      Potharaju Amrutha Harshini         ECE 
72 12R11A0494      Pratheeksha Ashok                  ECE 
73 12R11A0495      Puram Anusha                       ECE 
74 12R11A0497      Rapaka Sudhir                      ECE 
75 12R11A0498      Ruchi Prajapathi                   ECE 
76 12R11A04A1      S Purna Pranathi                   ECE 
77 12R11A04A2      S Siddardha                        ECE 
78 12R11A04A3      S Yamuna                           ECE 
79 12R11A04A4      Sabavat Vinod Kumar                ECE 
80 12R11A04A7      Swathi V                           ECE 
81 12R11A04A8      Sri Vasavi Harika T                ECE 
82 12R11A04A9      T Srinivas                         ECE 
83 12R11A04B1      Tadakaluri Sujen Kumar             ECE 
84 12R11A04B2      Thummalapally Sushmitha            ECE 
85 12R11A04B3      Tirunahari Sushmitha               ECE 
86 12R11A04B4      V Lokesh                           ECE 
87 12R11A04B6      Vaggu Sowmya                       ECE 
88 12R11A04B7      Vallepu Prasad                     ECE 
89 12R11A04B8      Vodnala Premkumar                  ECE 
90 12R11A04B9      Y Rushitha Sudhakar                ECE 
91 13R15A0408      Thogaru Harsha                     ECE 
92 13R15A0410      Kamineni Sairam                    ECE 
93 12R11A04C1      Akkenapally Kiran Kumar            ECE 
94 12R11A04C2      Alla Bala Murali Krishna           ECE 
95 12R11A04C3      Ankit Agarwal                      ECE 
96 12R11A04C4      Annavarapu Venkata Sai Kiran       ECE 
97 12R11A04C8      B Praveen                          ECE 
98 12R11A04C9      Bachala Praveen Kumar              ECE 
99 12R11A04D0      Deepak Reddy  B                    ECE 
100 12R11A04D1      Bhavani Tadam                      ECE 
101 12R11A04D3      Darshi Stephen Deva Raj            ECE 
102 12R11A04D4      Dornala Vijay Bhargav              ECE 
103 12R11A04D5      Dosapati Moulika                   ECE 
104 12R11A04D7      Gaddam Harish                      ECE 
105 12R11A04D8      Guguloth Ramesh                    ECE 
106 12R11A04D9      I Umamaheshwari                    ECE 
107 12R11A04E2      Kanchugantla Balaraju              ECE 
108 12R11A04E3      Karka Amulya                       ECE 
109 12R11A04E4      Koduru Jyothirmai                  ECE 
110 12R11A04E5      Kotte Navya                        ECE 
111 12R11A04E7      M J Akshay Kumar                   ECE 
112 12R11A04E9      M S Kamaldeep                      ECE 
113 12R11A04F3      Mekala  Ishwarya                   ECE 
114 12R11A04F5      Mora Sandeep Reddy                 ECE 
115 12R11A04F8      Pabboju Divya Sree                 ECE 
116 12R11A04F9      P Ashok Raju                       ECE 
117 12R11A04G2      Pasupulati Jayashree Rao           ECE 
118 12R11A04G3      Pinisetty Sri Sai Sravanthi        ECE 
119 12R11A04G4      Pokkunuri Sai Ram Sudeep           ECE 
120 12R11A04G5      Ponugotu Vishal                    ECE 
121 12R11A04G6      Priyatham Reddy M                  ECE 
122 12R11A04G7      R Kavya                            ECE 
123 12R11A04H1      Syed Farhan                        ECE 
124 12R11A04H3      T Pragnya                          ECE 
125 12R11A04H4      Tanneru Kalpana                    ECE 
126 12R11A04H5      Teja Reddy Ch                      ECE 
127 12R11A04H6      U Pavani                           ECE 
128 13R15A0411      Aitha Srividya                     ECE 
129 13R15A0414      Nyalam Laxman                      ECE 
130 13R15A0415      Kukkadhuvula Pandu                 ECE 
131 12R11A0501      Aashish Kumar Pandey               CSE
132 12R11A0502      Aditya Logishetty                  CSE
133 12R11A0503      Akarapu Ajay Kumar                 CSE
134 12R11A0506      B Hari Haran                       CSE
135 12R11A0511      D Navya                            CSE
136 12R11A0512      Damera Himavarsha                  CSE
137 12R11A0513      Damera Prem Kumar                  CSE
138 12R11A0514      Debbeti Manoj                      CSE
139 12R11A0515      Dhasari Anusha                     CSE
140 12R11A0516      G Rishika                          CSE
141 12R11A0518      G Shiva Reddy                      CSE
142 12R11A0520      Gaddam Sruthi                      CSE
143 12R11A0522      Gayam Narender Reddy               CSE
144 12R11A0524      Gunti Raju                         CSE
145 12R11A0526      Kuthuru Geetha                     CSE
146 12R11A0527      Kandadi Revathi                    CSE
147 12R11A0528      Kandala Mounika                    CSE
148 12R11A0531      Konda Sai Raj                      CSE
149 12R11A0532      Kotha Sairam Reddy                 CSE
150 12R11A0533      M Ch Santosh Sravan                CSE
151 12R11A0534      M Gopi Raju                        CSE
152 12R11A0535      M Robin Lemuel                     CSE
153 12R11A0536 M Sai Dixit                        CSE
154 12R11A0538      Mamindla Srilatha                  CSE
155 12R11A0539      N Ashwini                          CSE
156 12R11A0541      Nara Ravali                        CSE
157 12R11A0542      Nasani Sathvik                     CSE
158 12R11A0546      Palle Prashanth                    CSE
159 12R11A0547      Paspulate Jai Prakash Tarun Teja   CSE
160 12R11A0549      Priya K                            CSE
161 12R11A0550      R Srinija                          CSE
162 12R11A0555      Sneha Makhavarapu                  CSE
163 12R11A0558      V Akhila                           CSE
164 13R15A0501      Sultan Soujanya                    CSE
165 125Z1A0503      Kanuganti Bhavani                  CSE
166 12R11A0561      A Aishwarya Reddy                  CSE
167 12R11A0564      Annem Sriram Reddy                 CSE
168 12R11A0566      B Shisilya                         CSE
169 12R11A0570      Bommena Madhavi                    CSE
170 12R11A0571      Borra Swathi                       CSE
171 12R11A0574      Duppati Ajay Kumar                 CSE
172 12R11A0576      Edara Naveen                       CSE
173 12R11A0579      Gaddipati Sai Sudheer              CSE
174 12R11A0581      Gandla Tarun                       CSE
175 12R11A0582      Gogula Prashanth                   CSE
176 12R11A0585      K V V S R Varun                    CSE
177 12R11A0586      Katikela Sampath Kumar             CSE
178 12R11A0587      Vadapally Sai Kumar                CSE
179 12R11A0588      Kurakula Rakesh                    CSE
180 12R11A0591      Madikunta Kalyan Kumar             CSE
181 12R11A0592      Malladi Sarvani                    CSE
182 12R11A0594      Mangolu Praveen Kumar              CSE
183 12R11A0595      Maska Induja                       CSE
184 12R11A0596      Nandivada Naresh                   CSE
185 12R11A0597      Nidadhavolu Lalitha                CSE
186 12R11A05A1      Peddi Sai Sindhuja                 CSE
187 12R11A05A8      Sahithi Bomma                      CSE
188 12R11A05B2      Shaganti Sai Kumar                 CSE
189 12R11A05B3      Siliguri Venkatesham               CSE
190 12R11A05B6      V Naga Poornima                    CSE
191 12R11A05B7      S Rohit                            CSE
192 12R11A05B8      Vattikota Venkat Jayasurya         CSE
193 12R11A05C0      Vemuri Monisha Lakshmi             CSE
194 126T1A0507      Enthala Madhuri                    CSE
195 12R11A05C1      A Alisha                           CSE
196 12R11A05C5      B Sandhya                          CSE
197 12R11A05C6      B Sandhya Rani                     CSE
198 12R11A05D0      Chatrathi Manikanta                CSE
199 12R11A05D4      Enthala Dinesh Reddy               CSE
200 12R11A05D7      Gadagoni Ajay Kumar Goud           CSE
201 12R11A05D9      Jamalapurapu Leela Maalika Harshitha CSE
202 12R11A05E1      K Vinay Kumar                      CSE
203 12R11A05E2      Kali Vijaykanth                    CSE
204 12R11A05E3      Kalluri Alekhya                    CSE
205 12R11A05E4      Karan Singh                        CSE
206 12R11A05E8      M Sitaram Deepak Prasad            CSE
207 12R11A05F3      P Vijaya Sree                      CSE
208 12R11A05F6      S Nagabhusan Sai Prakash           CSE
209 12R11A05F8      Sagani Saraswathi                  CSE
210 12R11A05F9      Sahadeva Gowthami                  CSE
211 12R11A05G0      Sai Charan M                       CSE
212 12R11A05G1      Sai Charan Reddy P                 CSE
213 12R11A05G2      Sana Kousar                        CSE
214 12R11A05G3      Shameem Begum                      CSE
215 12R11A05G4      Sreepathi Dileep Kumar             CSE
216 12R11A05G5      Sreepuram Venkat Reddy             CSE
217 12R11A05G7      V Vaishnavi                        CSE
218 12R11A05H1      Y Madhavi                          CSE
219 12R11A05H2      Yadavalli Shravani                 CSE
220 12R11A05H4      Yerva Naga Lakshmi                 CSE
221 12R11A05H5 Lakkireddy Guruprathap Reddy CSE
222 13R15A0503      Uppala Kavya                       CSE
223 12R11A1208      Ankathi Dhanavamshi                IT 
224 12R11A1209      Battu Madhuri                      IT 
225 12R11A1211      D Divya                            IT 
226 12R11A1215      G V N S Harshitha                  IT 
227 12R11A1219      Gummalla Chandrika                 IT 
228 12R11A1221      I Sai Venkata Kameshwara Sushma    IT 
229 12R11A1222      Inaganti Venkata Manasa            IT 
230 12R11A1223      J Vinay Kumar                      IT 
231 12R11A1224      Jakkula Hemalatha                  IT 
232 12R11A1226      Jebaraj Nancy Pushpa               IT 
233 12R11A1228      K Sneha                            IT 
234 12R11A1229      Kallem Shiva Prasad Reddy          IT 
235 12R11A1231      Katepally Anjali                   IT 
236 12R11A1232      Konapuram Vinoda                   IT 
237 12R11A123 Kotha Bhargav                      IT 
238 12R11A1235      Kurelly Anushri                    IT 
239 12R11A1236      Lavanya V                          IT 
240 12R11A1237      Lodangi Raju                       IT 
241 12R11A1241      Marineni Shirisha                  IT 
242 12R11A1246      Pole Sharanya                      IT 
243 12R11A1250      Siddigari Tejaswini                IT 
244 12R11A1251      Soudarpatti Venkata Subbu Purnima  IT 
245 12R11A1258      V Prathik Gupta                    IT 
246 10R11A1276 Damera Pradeep Kumar IT
247 12R11A1261 A Abhinav Reddy IT
248 12R11A1273 D Supriya IT
249 12R11A1274 Desai Kalavathi IT
250 12R11A1276 Erri Shravani IT
251 12R11A1277 G Adithya IT
252 12R11A1281 Harshini Deshpande IT
253 12R11A1284 K Niharika IT
254 12R11A1287 Kola Bharath Yadav IT
255 12R11A1288 Kosaraju Pragnya IT
256 12R11A1289 M Soumya IT
257 12R11A1291 Mallarapu Bhavani Goud IT
258 12R11A1296 Nelapathi Mounika IT
259 12R11A1299 Pabbathi Anusha IT
260 12R11A12A4 Singireddy  Navya IT
261 12R11A12A6 Sunkara Navya Ragamayi IT
262 12R11A12A7 T Shekhar IT
263 12R11A12A8 Tammala Manisha IT
264 12R11A12B1 Vaduguri Divya IT
265 12R11A12B6 Bonam Bhavya IT

A.I.Prashanth - Head Placements - 9849961322
Arther Paul - Sr. Placement Officer - 8019810120
T.Abhilash - Assistant Placement Officer - 9491312121

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