Thursday, 19 November 2015

Pool Campus Recruitment Drive | Mind Tree

(An SEI CMMI LEVEL 5 Software Development Company
Fortune 500 Nasscomm Listed Nasdaq Listed Top 10 Blue Chip Company.)
Date: 28th November 2015, Saturday
Time: 8:00 AM Sharp
Venue: CMR College Of Engineering & Technology – CMRGI
Kandlakoya(V), Medchal, Rangareddy Dist.

Job Location: Hyderabad, Bangalore
Salary Package: Rs.4.50 LPA
Designation: Software Trainee

Eligibility Criteria:
  • B- Tech 2016 Pass outs Only.
  • As per the Scores and Assessment Tests of AMCAT – Aspiring Minds.
  • Please Prepare BASIC of SUBJECTS – C, C++ & Java.

Selection Process:
  1. Presentation by Company – Pre-Placement Talk
  2. Online Test – Aptitude AMCAT
  3. Technical Interview
  4. HR Interview
  5. Announcement of Final Selection Students and Offer Letters will be issued.

Documents for Interview:
  1. 4 Set of Updated Resumes
  2. 6 Passport Size Photos
  3. Academic Certificates Xerox Copies - 2 Sets
  4. College ID Card - 2 set of Xerox Copies

  • All The Students Must Come In Formal Dress Code Only.
  • Everyone Attend the Drive without Fail, Transport will be Provided

Please Check the Eligible List of Students below.
S No. AMCAT ID Name Branch
1 30014565185951 Deepthi  Pochampalli ECE
2 30014565420285 Harshita  Surana ECE
3 30014565535549 Gnana Saraswathi  Kondagalla ECE
4 30014565621118 Ramya  Yerram ECE
5 30014565637112 Srisha  Gorasa ECE
6 30014565723838 Purna Pranathi . ECE
7 30014565755710 Adarsh  Vadapalli ECE
8 30014565766895 Sirisha  Madireddy ECE
9 30014565846328 Vishal Ponugotu . ECE
10 30014565951255 Amani  . ECE
11 30014565994283 Gorentla Tejaswini . ECE
12 30014565106415 Padmaja  Nistala IT
13 30014565181155 Sasank  Ambadasugari IT
14 30014565552947 Anusha . Gouravaram IT
15 30014565697069 Navya  Sunkara IT
16 30014565717695 Sharanya  Pole IT
17 30014565255839 Kumaraswamy  Pasam EEE
18 30014565277086 D.v.s. Krishna Datta EEE
19 30014565304031 Kodeboyina Vijay Sai Phaneendra EEE
20 30014565326654 Tumma Sai Krishna . EEE
21 30014565387967 Karre Shruthi . EEE
22 30014565439155 Sri Harsha Bhamidipati EEE
23 30014565685815 A.akhila  . EEE
24 30014565200446 Kavya Reddy Vemula CSE
25 30014565255999 Anjana  Pratapa CSE
26 30014565421885 Ketki Sunil Rayter CSE
27 30014565489215 Sumedha  Tanikella CSE
28 30014565509161 Prasanthi Rani Bhogaraju CSE
29 30014565597759 Gowthami  Sahadeva CSE
30 30014565599022 Yakkala Naga Venkata  Vikas CSE
31 30014565646127 Bhavya  Rao CSE
32 30014565711655 Raju  Gunti CSE
33 30014565851391 Varun  K.v.v.s.r CSE
34 30014565880554 Sneha Srikanth Bhandarkar CSE
35 30014565950247 Niteesha  Mamidala CSE
36 30014565957983 Shruti  Singh CSE
37 30014565151489 Nikhil  Tatikonda CSE

Portion for Drive:
Please find below some write up and the mailer on Automata. Also, please find attached the slide on Automata.

Automata is a path breaking tool to evaluate programming skills in a simulated environment. With capability to evaluate programming code beyond correctness and ability to rate code quality, efficiency of execution and provide objective norm based scores, Automata is a leap ahead of commonly available tools in the genre.
The assessment allows evaluation of actual programming skills of a candidate, giving the candidate an opportunity to write the program in an editor, compile and run test cases, all in the assessment environment itself.
Automata comes with a scientifically designed question bank consisting of a wide range of easy to hard programming problems with smartly designed corner and generic tests cases. It evaluates a candidate's knowledge of algorithms, data structures, concepts like recursion, dynamic memory allocation and modular programming. The compiler supports multiple programming languages such as C, C++, Java, etc. The question bank includes distinct problem sets for IT Product and IT Services companies. Some of the unique features of Automata include:
  • With a variety of basic, advanced and edge test cases designed for a problem, the code is checked thoroughly for correctness and completeness
  • It is capable of evaluating the time complexity or simply the efficiency of the code.
  • The code is scored on quality of the code based on industry defined best practice
  • A detailed report with objective and subjective evaluation of the code.
Automata can be delivered alongside AMCAT, Aspiring Minds' standardized online, adaptive assessment test. It can be delivered on campuses by setting up a local area network and can also be conducted online through an internet connection. Detailed automated reporting on real time and features like interviewer feedback make it easy to use in a mass scale. Automata Pro can be effectively used for fresher hiring as well as hiring lateral programmers.

Mailer for Automata:

We have also developed a highly sophisticated coding tool called Automata. Automata is an Artificial Intelligence - led compiler and program evaluator tool that provides an automated evaluation of candidates coding ability. A sample report is also attached.

Key Features of Automata
  • Automated evaluation of a candidates’ coding skills in real time environment
  • Built in compiler to help candidate write, execute and correct the code if required
  • Works on multiple platforms – C, C++, JAVA
Evaluation Methodology (Reports an Objective score on a scale of 100)
Scientific evaluation of Code Correctness through explicit and hidden test cases
  • Basic test cases
  • Advanced test cases
  • Edge test cases
Scientific calculation of Code Efficiency
  • Average case time complexity of candidate’s code is detected using proprietary artificial intelligence algorithms
Assessment of Coding best practices
  • Structural analysis of code
  • Errors and warnings generated during compilation captured and available in the report for interviewer
Unique Benefits of Automata
  • Candidate is evaluated on a range of parameters.
  • Final score is a function of his/her score on all the above points, and is not merely 0 (failure) or 1 (success).
  • The module mimics your interview process, where candidates are required to solve programming problems live. Hence, recommended as a selection criteria, instead of merely a rejection tool.
A.I.Prashanth - Head Placements - 9849961322
Arther Paul - Sr. Placement Officer - 8019810120
T.Abhilash - Assistant Placement Officer - 9491312121

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