Tuesday 4 August 2015

Dark Horse | Technical Interview

Name: Dark Horse (Technical Interview)
Date: 5th and 6th Aug 2015
Time: 8:00 AM
Venue: ​2-64/2/A,4th Floor,Megha Hills,Madhapur,Hyderabad - 500081, ​Call:​(0091) 40 67137100

This is to inform all the Final Selected Students for Technical Interview by Dark Horse.

Below is the list of students who should be reporting at the Dark Horse Office at 08:00 AM on 5th and 6th August 2015 for their Technical Interviews.

Interview Date - 5th August 2015

S.No. Names Roll No
1 P.Likhita 12R11A0491
2 Vijay Bhargav 12R11A04D4
3 Naresh P 12R11A0486
4 V Vigneshwaran 12R11A0559
5 M Sirisha 12R11A1241
6 Srujan Kumar 12R11A04B1
7 Rohit S 12R11A05B7
8 K Saikumar 12R11A0471
9 R N Sai Varun 12R11A0226
10 Sriram Reddy 12R11A0564
11 E Dinesh Reddy 12R11A05D4
12 Sahithya 12R11A04C6
13 K Mounika 12R11A0528

Interview Date - 6th August 2015

S.No. Names Roll No
1 Sushmitha T 12R11A04B2
2 G Adithya 12R11A1277
3 Priyanka G 12R11A0466
4 M Pavan 12R11A0338
5 S Yamuna 12R11A04A3
6 T Sushmita 12R11A04B3
7 Ravikanth Sagar 12R11A00419
8 V Soumya 12R11A04B6
9 Geethika Sruthi 12R11A1269
10 Praveen Kumar 12R11A0594
11 Rajyasri 12R11A0485
12 K Revathi 12R11A0527
13 Sudeepthi 12R11A05F7

Note: No Transportation will be provided.

A.I.Prashanth - Head Placements
Arther Paul - Sr. Placement Officer
T.Abhilash - Placement Coordinator

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