Monday 1 June 2015

Voting for Best Outgoing Student | Rana PratapChowdary

Disclaimer: This post is created by the request of the students, for proposing this person to award as Best Outgoing Student  a token of gratitude on the occasion of Graduation Day for the services given to the college.

Success does not lie in Results but in Efforts, ,Being the best is not so important, Doing the best is all that matters.
87 / 110

Name : BV Bhanu Pratap
Passout : 2015
Dept: Information Technology

Key Points About Him

* He Designed and developed the GCTCPORTAL and given the services for Four Years continuously
* He is the person to initiate the Department of Photography
* Creates the New Trend of Photo-gallery for Every year
* Requested for Graduation Day for the first time and it became the trend now.
* Created and maintained the Website for various fests
* Prepared the Photoshop design for Various events
* Organised Vibgyor V15 and Core member in Vibgyor 14 and 13
* Organised Vibes V15 and Core member in Vibes 14 and 13
* First Lead for the Fine Arts Club Team in the Academic year 2012-13
* Worked as NEN E Lead for Academic year 2014-15
* and many.....

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