Friday 8 August 2014

NSS Activities | Donations

Our college NSS Team visited the primary schools and High schools in cheeryal village recently and found following requirements for the students who are studying in these schools.Those who are interested may voluntarily donate these items or donate cash to any of the following NSS Team members.Please enter in the register and sign mentioning the cash\goods.

S&H:Ms.B.Vanaja Rani
ECE: Mr.U.Appala Raju
CSE/IT: Mr.S.Ramanjaneyulu/ Mr.B. Srinivas
EEE: Ms.T.Pooja Rani
Mech:Mr.M.Ranvindar Gandhi
MBA: Mr.K.Naupal Reddy /Ms.BPS.Joythi

  1. Notebooks
  2. Copy writing books
  3. Drawing Books
  4. Stationary Items:(color pencils,pencils,erasers,sketch pens,water colors,brushers,sharpeners,scales(long,short),pens,
    Geometry box). 
  5. Sports Items:(Rings,Carom boards,Skipping Threads,Foot balls,Cricket Kits,Volley balls etc)
  6. First aid box,letter box,Notice  board,Short story books,carpets etc
  7. Maps(India,World) -Political
  8. slates
  9. Globe
  10. Play toys
  11. Water storage drum,Drinking  water kit
  12. Dictionaries 
  13. Grammar Books
Your contribution will help the needy school children for their studies and playing  games.


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