Saturday 26 July 2014

Rahul Krishnan- Guinness World Record holder!

Rahul Krishnan
As a great Indian once said, if you want there to be some difference between you and the trees or stones within this world, then you must make a mark within it. In recent times, man has become scared to dream, so it's rare to find he who not only dreams but is also bold enough to chase it, for he who chases their dreams is the ones who catch it.

Rahul Krishnan has officially broken the Guinness world record for the highest distance gained by throwing a playing card in the air with bare hands.

We are all mortals in this world and one day we shall say goodbye, but what matters most is the legacy that we leave behind us, the acts that we do in our time here. Have we become all that we can become? Will we be remembered by those who are not yet born?
You are an official Guinness World Record holder, something that very few individuals can even dare to talk about. Your legacy is set in stone.

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