Wednesday 16 July 2014

Inauguration of Mechanical Engineering Student Cell

Event Name : Mechanical Engineering Student Cell
Date: 18th July, 2014
Workshop on: Finite Element Analysis

Inauguration of Mechanical Engineering Student Cell
The Department of Mechanical Engineering has formed "Mechanical Engineering Student Cell" with the following members:

1. Prof S V Gangadhar(STAFF ADVISOR)
2. Mr P Venkatesh Varma,IV B Tech (PRESIDENT)
3. Mr A Vishal, III B Tech(SECRETARY)
4. Mr B Ruthvik, II B Tech(JOINT SECRETARY)

5. Mr B Ram Charan Rathod, IV B Tech
6. Mr K Ruthvik, IV B Tech
7. Mr K Rohit, IV B Tech
8. Mr Aswani Kumar Rai, III B Tech
9. Ms A Kavya Sree, III B Tech
10. Mr.L.Akshay Krishna, III B Tech
11. Mr B Chandramouli , II B Tech
12. Ms T Sindhuranjali , II B Tech
13. Mr B Devi Srikar, II B Tech
14. Mr B Satish Kumar, II B Tech
15. Mr M Balaraj , II B Tech
16. Mr K Anirudh, II B Tech

The aim of the cell is to organize various programmes for the advantage and overall development of students of Mechanical Engineering. and make a bond between Management and every Student in their department

The inauguration of the cell is scheduled on 18thJuly, 2014. Inauguration is followed by One Day Workshop on "Finite Element Analysis - application in mechanical engineering.

Dr.P.Ravindra Reddy-Head of the Department, Mechanical Engineering,CBIT

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