Monday 10 February 2014

Robotic Workshop |21st Feb 2014

Robotic Workshop 


Date:21st and 22nd Feb ,2014.

Organizers  : Robosapiens

Associated: IIT-B alumni

Event:Cell phone controlled robotics

  • Team should contain 5 members 
  • Registration Fee Rs 900/- per head(person)
  • Each team will be given a robot kit .

  • Robotics competition will be held just after the workshop on the concepts thought during the session and the winners will go to IIT-Delhi to represent our college at the Grand Finale held in Tryst-2014 during March.
  • Price money 1 Lakh at stake. 

Venue: Geethanjali College Of Engineering & Technology


Ravi Kiran Boggarapu  9701020306

Charan Puladas  9908936772

 Arun Pil  7416313398

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