Monday 17 June 2013

Exception of 2 subjects Rule For B.Tech (R09) For Award of Degree

JNTU-HYD Students of B.Tech (R09) can now leave any 2 subjects (Even subjects from 1st year) to get the degree. i.e., at a max they can leave 8 credits to get the degree.

Salient Features : - 
A student will be declared eligible for the award of the B.Tech Degree if he fulfills the following academic regulations.
(i) Pursued a course of study for not less than four academic years and not more than eight academic years.
(ii) Registered for 200 credits and secured 192 credits with compulsory subjects as listed below:"
  • All the practical subjects
  • Industry oriented mini-project
  • Comprehensive Viva-Voce
  • Seminar
  • Project work.
iii) After eight academic years of course of study, the candidate is permitted to write the examinations for two years.

Based on the recommendations of the Standing Committee of the Academic Senate, the Vice-chancellor is pleased to approve the excemption up to two subjects for maximum of eight credits to obtain Degree for B.Tech R09 batch students i.e to secure minimum 192 credits out of 200 credits, subject to pass of compulsory subjects as above

Procedure to apply for undertaking (For B.Tech R09 Students) [If u want to get CMM,PC by leaving 1 or 2 subjects]
The Principals are requested to follow the instructions given below when forwarding the “Undertakings” for issue of CMM and PC to B.Tech. (R05, R07 and R09 regulations) students. 
1) Download Undertaking Forms from the below url's for respective batches
(2) Print it on the Letter-head of the college.
(3) Duly filled “Undertaking” may be forwarded with the signature of the Principal and the seal of the college 

(4) Do not attach photo-copies of marks memos.
 (Info on 0.15% Rule & Grace Marks/Class Change Rule included)

Presently, 0.15% grace marks are being allowed for change of class from first class to distinction (69.85 % to 70%), Second class to first class (59.85% to 60%) and pass class to second class (49.85% to 50%). With this, a total of 0.15% marks maximum are added to final year project/seminar to enable the student to get higher class for B.Tech/B.Pharm. courses.
Many representations are received from the students that a grace marks may be added for passing if a candidate failed in one/two subjects with shortage of 1, 2 or 3 marks.
Under the circumstances stated above, Vice-Chancellor is pleased to extend 0.15% grace marks facility to the candidates of any degree if he/she passes the subject(s) and obtains the degree, subject to approval of academic senate and execute council/MDC.These orders shall come into force from all examinations held during May/June 2010.
All candidates seeking benefit from the 0.15% grace marks shall apply through proper channel enclosing failed original marks memo. The principal shall verify at the college whether the candidate is passing if 0.15% grace marks facility is extended i.e. 0.15% of grand total marks of the UG/PG courses with fail in maximum two subjects.
A separate approval shall be obtained for the eligible candidates for implementation of the above relaxation as and when the applications are received.

Procedure For 0.15% RULE - 
The university had issued the proceedings to add 0.15% of the total aggregate marks to the student for the maximum of the two subjects, if adding these marks makes the student eligilble to get his/her degree. The university till date followed the practice of considering the external exam performance of the recently conducted exam only.

In the note orders cited above the vice-Chancellor is pleased to approve the following : 

The best performance among the external examinations shall be considered while giving the grace marks, if adding these marks makes the student to get his/her degree, for which the candidate must have appeared at least one examination after 18-08-2011.

Procedure For Addition of Grace Marks - 
1) Request letter of the student through the Principal.
2) Original Marks Memo(s) containing the subject(s) for which addition of Grace Marks, is applicable.
3) Undertaking for issue of Provisional Certificate & Consolidated Marks Memo. when students get 216 or 220 credits (For R07,R05 Batch) & 192,193,194 (For R09 Batch) after adding grace marks.
NOTE : - 

Grace Marks will be added only for external exams (i.e., if u fail in external exams by 1 or 2 or 3 marks then JNTUH will add them & u can be passed in that subject).

You can apply for grace marks & 0.15% rule only after u receive the failed memo's

Procedure For Class Change - 
1) Requisition from the Student through the Principal. :-
In the case of the Students who completed their course, can submit directly their requisitions to the Controller of Examinations.
2) Originals of :-
(i) Provisional Certificate, 
(ii) Consolidated Marks Memo &
(iii) Final Semester marks memo.

Note :-
Change from > 49.85 % to 50 % for Pass Class to Second Class
Change from > 59.85 % to 60 % for Second Class to First Class
Change from > 69.85 % to 70 % for First Class to First Class with distinction

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