Thursday 16 May 2013

JNTU planning to change syllabus pattern.

JNTU-H: syllabus from 8 units will be compressed to 5 units. Question paper will be divided into Section A and section B.

Section A:
  • 10 questions for 25 marks.
  • Student must attempt all the 10 questions. All questions carry equal marks.

Section B:
  • 5 questions will be given.
  • Each question will be having A,B sub bits.
  • Mandatory to answer any one bit either A or B.

Performance based education will be given
As there is only 5 unit’s student must prepare all the 5units.
In this process there will be many changes in syllabus, exams, teaching and marks division.
After completing the unit, exercise will be given to student.
copy published in EENADU

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